About Us

Founded in 1965, RiemerPlus, formerly Riemer Reporting Service, is the nation's largest independent company devoted exclusively to business credit network services.

Our credit associations cover a wide variety of industries. Most of the 1,500 member companies are manufacturers or exclusive national distributors.

Delivering critical state-of-the-art reports and services to Riemer members for over 50 years!


At RiemerPlus, formerly Riemer Reporting Service, our Mission is:

  • Develop and maintain the nation's most productive business credit networks, always operating at the highest legal and ethical levels
  • Pursue activities which will allow the company to continue to provide unparalleled services to these and future networks as their requirements change through time
  • Provide a fair return on their time and investment to all those who work with the company.

According to a recent Credit Today’s survey, companies active in a credit group save, on average, $200,000 by avoiding bad debt and slow payments. 


Riemer credit group members can share countless stories of bad debt charges being mitigated or avoided all together using information obtained in our state-of-the-art Riemer reports. The savings realized far exceed the cost of membership. Many members have stories of accounts that they continued selling when others wouldn't, driving additional revenue and greater customer loyalty.


In this economy it is crucial to enlist the most powerful, up-to-date resources available to you and your credit team. Take advantage of the opportunity to join one of the nation's most productive business credit networks!


For a reasonable membership fee, you can join an industry-specific network of credit professionals, managed by RiemerPlus -- Specialists in national credit network services since 1965.


Extending credit can be a tricky business. Let RiemerPlus provide the tools you need to evaluate your customers and make solid, informed decisions.


Industry-specific credit associations

  • Regular meetings allow members to discuss common customers
  • Independent and self-directing
  • Strict conformance to anti-trust law
  • Dedicated Riemer Association Coordinator
  • Riemer National Credit Associations


Factual, historical data on companies large and small

  • Over 10 million lines of experience on 300,000 accounts
  • Reports compiled regularly for each association
  • Up-to-the-minute data available in Instant Riemer Reports
  • Distribution limited to Riemer association members only; never sold to other services


Career-building educational opportunities

Contact us now to learn how to become part of the largest independent network of credit professionals.