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New this year are educational and other tracks, which have been designed to make it easier for each attendee to tailor an optimum schedule. After scheduling the topics of greatest relevance, participants then mix and match to fill any open hours.

International Track

International Track programs cover all four afternoons, with the focus on a different world region each day:

North America
Central and South America
Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Each afternoon also includes at least one international program not related to the focus area.

Core Essentials Track

Core Essentials Track programs are scheduled each morning and are designed specifically for:

  • Newer members of the credit profession who want overviews of major credit challenges
  • More experienced credit pros who want updates on important changes in laws, procedures and approaches, along with refresher information
Innovations Track
Innovations Track topics, scheduled all four mornings, cover the latest advances in fast-changing areas including new equipment, technology, and strategies.
Retail Track
Retail Track sessions are scheduled throughout the week, both morning and afternoon. They include presentations and roundtable discussions, as well as individual retailer-supplier appointments.
Meeting Track
Credit meetings are almost always in the morning, leaving the afternoons free for educational sessions. Note: Pro-rata meeting expense is not included in package pricing and will be invoiced separately after Riemer Week.
Networking Track
Mingling with credit peers from a variety of industries produces fresh perspectives, expanded knowledge of best practices, and allows attendees to share hard-won insights with others. “Bonus learning” occurs at breaks, luncheons, and evening events as presenters and credit professionals discuss industry challenges.
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