Riemer Week Questions & Answers

Q: I have some questions about using RiemerNet, submitting information, etc. How do I get answers?

Some of your answers will probably come up in the two Riemer Productivity Sessions from 1:00 to 1:30 on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. The advance signup is good, but there’s no charge, so feel free to drop in even if you haven’t signed up. That’s one answer.

Here’s another: Stop by the Riemer Week Desk and ask when a Riemer staff member can provide hands-on assistance. They will be happy to help as soon as they can.

Q: Where do I pick up my tickets to the various events?

A: Your Riemer Week badge is your “ticket” to most events. When you register, ask the hotel for the Riemer Week Desk location and head there when you can for your Welcome materials—including that all-important badge.

You can call the Riemer Week Desk through the hotel operator to make sure it is open. Basically it will be staffed late afternoon on Sunday, September 10, and then Monday through Thursday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Friday hours are 7:30 a.m. to noon.

You’ll also see Riemer staff members throughout the meeting areas, and any of them will be happy to help you make the most of this unique week of credit information and networking.

Q: What’s the souvenir this year?
A: We’re not telling! (But you get it with your Welcome materials and badge.)

For more Riemer Week Q & A, log in, then go to Riemer Week 2006. You can also keep reading here for earlier postings.

Our Riemer Week Program Title “Awards”

A light-hearted look at the names of our Riemer Week 2006 programs

We noticed that there are some very compelling program titles at Riemer Week 2006. So we started making up imaginary awards such as:

Demystifying the “Claims Put Option” earns Brian Jarmain the exclusive Most Mystifying Title award. The Something for Everyone award goes to Jessica Butler for Negotiation Strategies and Tips. Who can’t use that?

Sell Is NOT a Four-Letter Word honors go to Alan Andrews for International Customer Financing as a Sales Tool.

Opportunities for Significant Automation of Credit Department Processes, with James Walckner and Dan Furbush, has won The Title with the Longest Words award. (And if we had a Best Promise in Writing award they might win that, too. They promise that each attendee will leave the session with at least five ideas to take back and apply for immediate results.)

And we have a tie! The My Crystal Ball Isn’t Broken award has two winners: One is Jay Indyke for Second Lien Debt: Why Your Future Includes New Ways of Looking at Restructuring. His co-winner is Mike Brown for Lessons in Leadership—Aligning Your Life’s Work in which he predicts that maximizing the time spent on activities at which you are best will bring you success across the board.

On the other hand, titles aren’t everything, are they? In his second Riemer Week appearance eight years ago, Darin Narayana called his program World Markets in Review. He hasn’t changed it since. Hands down, he earns the If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It award.

Our Riemer Week program title honors continue on the Riemer Week 2006 page, available after log in.

Put yourself in the picture

You’re in Scottsdale, Arizona, absorbing What’s HOT in Credit…

If you sell internationally, you plunge into hot topics first thing Monday morning—with a wake-up call on the latest ways to avoid becoming entangled in international terrorism, corruption, and crime. After lunch, looking on the brighter side, you find efficient payment and financing tools to support your international sales. You close the afternoon at a reception chatting with attendees, speakers, and the Riemer staff, before heading on to dinner. Picture more sharpening of your international credit expertise all day Tuesday, starting with a Riemer Week favorite, World Markets in Review.

If your focus is domestic, on Tuesday afternoon you start your hot pursuit of the latest developments with a choice of automation or banking, followed by credit card processing or collection agencies. Then everyone ends up together with a sizzling evening of hot foods, hot teams, hot trivia, in our gregarious hotbed of credit professionals and speakers.

The pace heats up on Wednesday when credit group meetings, Riemer Q&A, and the Products & Services Showcase are added to your choices of the hottest developments in bankruptcy and other credit issues or an automation session, then a risk mitigation option or negotiation strategies. And here’s a unique career development approach: what happens when you maximize the time you spend on the things you do best? (P.S. It’s all good) Your late afternoon change of pace brings you to a maxi-reception—and a chance to win $50,000!

On Thursday your torrid schedule options include what’s new in banking or how second lien debt is heating up business credit, then credit card processing or collection agency strategies; plus credit group meetings, Riemer Q&A, Products & Services Showcase. More afternoon choices: the sizzling discussion of the Retail Action Group Panel versus what credit needs to know about the hot topic of crime and finance. Later, spice up your credit contacts Rolodex and maybe win $50,000 at the Products & Services Showcase reception followed by our lakeside Festa Italiana as the evening cools down (but Riemer Week does not).

Finally it’s Friday and the heat goes on with retailer-supplier appointments, credit group meetings, and a selection of updates: what’s new in credit’s many legal issues or second lien debt, followed by the Claims Put Option or sharpening your negotiation skills. Then it’s time for one more luncheon, farewells, and all you stimulated, energized, much more knowledgeable and connected Riemer Week attendees head for home.

Unless, of course, you are staying over to take full advantage of the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale’s many attractions (and incredibly low room rate—$173 per night, September 9–16). Cool!

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

When you sign in at the Riemer Week Office at the Hyatt, you’ll get a Registration Packet including an NACM CEU Earnings Record form listing all of the Riemer Week 2006 educational presentations. Each event will have one or more monitors to initial your CEU forms. Look for them by the door at the end of the session (they are the same people who greet you when you enter and collect your evaluation forms when you leave).

If you haven’t started collecting CEE or CPE CEUs yet but are considering it, here’s a great place to start—even before you register with NACM, if you wish. (For more information, go to www.nacm.org and click on Certifications.)

Share What You Learn with Your Associates

Our speakers provide detailed handouts at the start of each session. This means that, instead of feverishly taking notes, you can absorb their information and insights on the spot and actively participate in the discussion. These handouts are often later copied and shared with superiors, co-workers, and subordinates—and used as the basis for staff meetings. If you can’t sit through a session without making at least a few notes, don’t worry—just pick up an unused handout in the back of the room as you leave.

What Do YOU Want to Know?

Here’s an informal list of many of the subjects covered in 90-minute or 3-hour sessions at Riemer Week 2006:

Retailer/Vendor Programs at Riemer Week 2006

Our Thursday afternoon Retail Action Group Panel is made up of all the retailers attending Riemer Week—a dozen or more, most years—with the audience of credit professionals asking questions of general interest and sharing ideas as well.

Questions and problems related to a specific retailer/vendor relationship are covered in individual appointments on Friday morning.

More International Programs

Selling internationally? In addition to the programs mentioned in earlier postings, we have two on mitigating international risk. One features an experienced banker on International Customer Financing as a Sales Tool. The other, an expert on credit risk mitigation, offers a lively session on Managing International Risk with Credit Enhancements.

What Do You Need to Know?

Here’s a topic that never fails to be timely—Negotiation Strategies and Tips. Checklists and role-playing, too.

This next subject is a new one, just now coming on the horizon as an important business credit tool: Demystifying the “Claims Put Option” is the title, and our speaker was involved in underwriting the first big one ever, not that many years ago.

Speaking of credit tools, are you making the most of credit card automation? To Swipe or Not to Swipe—Saving Money Through Credit Card Processing covers all you need to know in a hands-on seminar.

And here’s a contentious subject: Choosing a Collection Agency. Opinions abound on this, but we’ll get a very informed analysis from a speaker whose turnaround credentials are impressive, and whose former service as a bankruptcy trustee provides a unique perspective.

Riemer Week at a Glance

To tell the truth, 23 years ago “Riemer Week” was called the “National Conference” and covered parts of three days. The following year it took up four days, and when Riemer’s International Trade Finance Forum joined up the year after that, the Riemer Week we know today took form. Here’s how it goes:

International Seminars
All day Monday and Tuesday

Technical Seminars on Domestic Credit Subjects
(each is presented twice, on two different days, to ease scheduling conflicts) Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings

Wednesday and Thursday afternoons

Association Meetings
Most are Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings

Retailer/Supplier Events
Panel—Thursday afternoon
Appointments—Friday morning

Products & Services Showcase
Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and early evenings

Networking Events
Monday through Thursday evenings
Note: A lot of networking is done at the daily luncheons as well

Fresh, New Topics, New Information and Favorite Speakers

The best of our best return to Riemer Week each fall and this year is no exception. Their subjects are as different as their backgrounds:

Global Threats—Crime, Corruption, and Terrorism will be a highlight of Riemer Week's two-day 21st International Trade Finance Forum. Later in the week, the same expert will present the U.S. version in Crime and Finance—Struggles for Control in the U.S. Learn to avoid the latest threats and traps.

Lessons in Leadership—Aligning Your Life's Work presents steps to create an energizing balance that also—bonus!—increases success across the board.

Then there's What's New—Recent Developments in Business Credit Practices and the Law from another brightest and best presenter.

One program has the same title each year, World Markets in Review, but it's always new as our dynamite speaker offers the latest information and insights from around the globe.

Important Updates Are Featured at Riemer Week 2006

Banking—have you realized that certified checks now may not clear, and that their makers can hold payment on them? That's just one of many crucial changes that our banker speaker will cover in Check Processing in the Era of Check 21 and Check Conversion.

The Restructuring Environment is being transformed and the impacts on business creditors are not to be underestimated. Learn all about it from one of the nation's top unsecured creditor attorneys.

Another update could be called Credit department automation made easy. The actual title is Opportunities for Significant Automation of Credit Department Processes, and the presenters promise that each of you will leave the session with "at least five ideas for business [process] improvement to take back and apply for immediate results."

These are just three of our 15 major programs (many presented twice to ease your scheduling conflicts).